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Alternative Healthcare Erie PA Are you looking for an alternative form of pain managment in Erie, PA?  Check out the Village of Healing today for alternative healthcare methods that are proven to work!  Fred Popeski is a lifelong resident of Erie, PA, offering alternative healthcare methods. Over many years, he has accomplished learning Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Quantum Touch. Through these practices, Popeski has taught many to heal their illnesses the untraditional way. Popeski currently studies with Master George Picard, who is fourth generation of the Wu Yi Jie He family.

The art of Qi Gong primarily consists of meditation, relaxation, mind and body integration, and breathing exercises. Similarly, the free movements of Tai Chi provide pain management by removing tension and stiffness from the body. Qi Gong and Tai Chi are ancient forms of meditative exercises and have proven to improve one’s health, life and wellbeing naturally.

Qi Gong and Tai Chi provides natural healing.  It can help in the general sense by toning muscles, increasing flexibility, reducing stress, improving coordination and balance and helps to boost the immune system. Additionally, Qi Gong and Tai Chi helps one psychologically as well by helping to lead to less depression, less anxiety and helping to control anger. Qi Gong and Tai Chi helps one to feel better rested and to experience less mood swings. Moreover, individuals feel that the practices aid in the prevention of illnesses such as asthma and insomnia; as well as shortening the recovery time of long term illnesses and injuries.

We provide natural healing techniques for your pain management!

Natural Healing Erie PA

Today, health practitioners encountering clients that are faced with problems that do not seem to respond to traditional health care may suggest some of the proven alternative healthcare traditions of other cultures that view the body and the mind as a balanced whole.

Qi means air, breath of life or vital energy of the body. Gong is the skill of working with or cultivating. For thousands of years, millions of people have benefited from Qi Gong practice and believed that improving the function of Qi maintains health and heals diseases. 

We provide pain management through natural healing!

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Proudly serving the Erie, PA area with unconventional pain management options.

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Thursday Qi Gong
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The Wu Yi Jie He Family System of Chinese Healing and Martial Arts. The free movements of Tai Chi remove tensions and stiffness of the body. Energy is tied into the postures of the Tai Chi art and called internal work.

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When I started Qi Gong a year ago I had no idea how much it would change my life. I was looking into becoming a personal trainer. I was very fit and thought I was very healthy.  After 3 months of doing Wu Yi Jie He 24 posture therapeutic Qi Gong three times a week with Fred Popeski, the head aches I had had for 5 years dissipated and eventually went away all together. When winter rolled around, I discovered that my Raynaud's syndrome symptoms never showed up. This was huge for me. I had been suffering for 18 years. This is the first year I could go out sled riding with my daughter with  no pain in my feet and hands. Another thing I hadn't realized how bad it had gotten, was anxiety. I would have frequent anxiety attacks, sometimes a couple a day. I probably should have been on medication, but I am the type who wont even take an aspirin for a migraine. Within weeks after doing the Qi Gong my attacks became less and less frequent, until they vanished all together. I now do Qi Gong 6 to 10 times a week, and am committed to do these simple exercises for the rest of my life! Did I become a personal trainer? No. After watching people who were going to the classes on a regular basis and seeing the results that they were getting in such a short period of time, from everything from bad backs, to MS, to high cholesterol, and joint problems, I am now certified to teach the Wu yi Jie He 24 posture therapeutic Qi Gong! 

Fred Popeski is a wonderful and caring teacher who makes the classes very enjoyable.

Joyce F. Erie, PA

I Started doing Wu Yi Jie He Qi Gong to keep my body limber and relaxed, little did I expect any more. After going for six months I had  routine blood work done. To my surprise my cholesterol was 171. It was never below 200. Qi Gong was the only change in my routine. So, upon investigation, I found that this is indeed a plus of Qi Gong.

Pat K., R.N.

I was introduced to Wu Yi Jie He QiGong at a time when I had severe stress and anxiety issues. Counseling and medications did little to help me. Got some relief from vitamins and supplements, but it was just another band-aid to mask feelings and thoughts that I could not piece together. When I began QiGong I was as skeptical as most, and clumsier than I could ever imagine. As each class completed I felt more at peace. I began sleeping better and the anxiety attacks diminished. Soon I was able to reach a level of relaxation that I never experienced before. Each class was like a mini vacation for the mind and body. I fully support the use of QiGong for not only relaxation, but also for flexibility. I no refer to myself as the "dancing hippo". Many of my aches and pains not only went away, but those that are still with me are greatly helped by each class I take.

Jim C., Erie, PA

Just a note here from a former runner with worn joints. Wu Yi Jie He 24 Posture therapeutic Qi Gong is the best set of simple stretching exercises I have ever encountered. My muscle tone and balance are improving. Complimented by the basic movements of Tai Chi that we practice, there is a truly amazing and enjoyable sense of tranquility here. I’m convinced that this practice of the Wu Yi Jie He system is helping to improve the lingering symptoms of a stroke That I experienced last year, and I plan to continue as long as I am able.

T.P. Erie, PA

Qi Gong Taught by Fred Popeski

I give credit to the Qi Gong class for my improved quality of life. I am 77 years old. Following two knee replacements and a hip replacement, my balance and flexibility were so poor, I had trouble going up and down steps and walking on uneven surfaces. Since I started taking Fred’s Qi Gong class 11 months ago, my balance has improved to the point where I can go up and down the stairs without using  a handrail. And, I no longer need cortisone shots for arthritis in my right shoulder. I’ve also found improvrment in my asthma because I use Qi Gong breathing. I highly recommend Fred’s Qi Gong Class.

Joan D. Erie, Pa

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